Belgium Alla Italia

This is an abandoned spa in Belgium, getting in was fun as it was in a busy area, we waited at least 15 minutes while a man walked his dog around a tiny area of grass, we literally waited for the dog to poo before the man went away and we could hope over the wall to get inside. Ascending down 10ft we made it into the building and went on the mission to find the biggest point of interest, the main reception room.

It was very grand indeed with marble and panels and lots of light pouring in, we had to be careful as passer by could see in through the window that we were inside. so we crawled around on the floor making shots and lay flat on our back to get  the ceiling shot. The residents of this town would have enjoyed relaxing in this place, it was only closed as  another one was built close by. The whole building was Italian in theme with massive amounts of details in everything.

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