Belgium Chateau Congo

We made a trip to this abandoned house in Belgium in late 2014, the house was a perfect example of pure decay and inside it was very dangerous, but sometimes to get the photo you have to take the risk, we carefully made our way over collapsing floorboards until we reached the one room we had heard about and it was worth the risk. 

The upper floors had completely collapse With the beautiful furniture still left in the room and the ornate detailing on the ceiling it was clear this had once been a very grand building, sunlight poured in though the holes in the collapsing roof and we kicked up the dust to create the light beams seen in the photos The chateau was built in 1752 on 4 acres of land with many ponds, the castles main facade is Louis XIV style with whitewashed brick and the outbuildings built in stone with the coat of arms of the Marquis of Radigues. The castle has undergone many renovations in its time, but now lies derelict, it is even thought that it may have been built on an ancient Roman villa as coins and pottery have been found on the grounds.

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