Belgium Villa Heil

This was a great little house we found on our trip to Belgium with Voytek, Danny and Nik in April 2014, my favourite places are the ones that have lots of decay and objects left inside and this one had a really melancholy feel to it due to the huge amount of decay, but with the personal touches left behind like the clothing press, books, items in the bedrooms. Its always a bit creepy visiting decaying houses as it used to be someone home and you wonder about the circumstances that lead to its abandonment. 

My favourite shot of the place was from the cellar where many old files and records had been left, the shelves bowing under there weight, sodden through with damp and only a matter of time before they collapse completely, you could smell the dusky scent of rot and by one small window, I witnessed the biggest spider web I have ever seen in my life, I touched it lightly with my hand and it literally bounced back up, I didn’t stick around for long in case it maker returned. 

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