Germany Taxidermy Hotel

This grand hotel in Germany would have been an amazing place to stay when it was open, some room were clearly more special then others with unique bedrooms, all with different decor. The main thing about the hotel was the huge amount of taxidermy in the main restaurant and around the halls. Although abandoned and unused this hotel is looked after by a very nice guardian who let us inside to take photos. I get asked a lot if I ever ask permission to go in side the buildings and  lot of the time it is impossible to find contact with anyone to do this. 

But this one had a telephone number on the window, so it was only fair to call it and as always never break into a building which I would never do. I visited with Nik, Wojtek and Danny and we spent a good couple of hours photographing, it was nice that it was still taken care of and hopefully one day it will become a hotel again, for now the cobwebs are strewn across the windows and the wallpaper begging a slow decay, it felt hunting walking around imagining what it was like with guests and enjoying the space. 

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