Romania Hoia Forest

We drove in a 4x4 straight into the forest; the four of us excitedly chatting about the forest and whether it was indeed haunted like the rumors told. Just outside Cluj Napoca in Transylvania, it is allegedly the creepiest forest in the world with claims of UFOs, visitors feeling nauseous, feelings of being watched and sightings of ghosts. The forest is over 700 acres and has gained a reputation for the supernatural. 

 Due to deep mud, we parked the 4x4 and continued to the infamous meadow on foot it’s an unexplained clearing in the depths of the forest. Here, we lit a bonfire in an area many had previously used for fires. A lot of Romanians wouldn’t even set foot inside the forest due to the paranormal phenomena, which have given it the nickname ‘The Bermuda Triangle of Romania’. After a couple of hours and not witnessing any of the said spooky goings on, we trekked back to the car and drove back out of the forest. An interesting experience but not even a creepy figure in any of the photos we took, unlike the ones others before us have claimed to see.

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