The Underworld Elysium

Elysium is a place in the underworld, separate from Hades realm and reserved for mortal people from Earth that are related to Gods and later those chosen by the Gods who have lead a heroic and righteous life before they died.It is a place that is easy to stay, there is no rain or snow, no sorrow and flourishing, a life without tears and blessed with an oceans breeze. 

It was such an amazing shoot, thank you to Dominic and Alexa for being truly wonderful on this shoot and going the extra mile to get these shots. Also to the incredibly talented Joanne Flemming who designed these beautiful dresses. This was a location that I had been to before once and it wasn’t the easiest to get inside due to alarm systems and navigating over a spiky fence, we crept in silence so we wouldn’t bring attention to ourselves. While Alexa had her makeup and hair done, we spotted a man walk past the window while talking on a mobile phone, we hadn’t even taken a photo yet and thought it was all over, but luckily after sitting in total silence for a while he went away and we stared to grab shots. 

Shoots for my Underworld series always stress me out incredibly as even after visiting over 300 abandoned locations only a handful are suitable to do a model shoot in, as when you put so much time and effort into getting a model in a dn planning the concept of the shoot, it would be terrible for something to go wrong. I always have this huge sense of nerves on these shoots until I have a least taken one shot. 

Photographer: Rebecca Bathory

Model: Alexa Taylor

Makeup and Hair: Dominic Grief AKA Dominic Paul 

Designer: Joanne Fleming Design

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