The Underworld Fields of Asphodel

The Asphodel meadows is where the souls of ordinary people that have done no wrong to live after death. It is not a place of perfect beauty, like Elysium, the soul live un animated, without pleasure. The residents are not good and they are not evil. “Presumably strange, pallid, ghostly flowers.”

Valeria was absolutely amazing on the shoot, I cant even begin  to tell you how cold it was inside the house, and she sat and had her makeup done while me and my assistant sat shivering, Im also amazed that Sally managed keep a steady hand while applying the makeup, it was that freezing. For this shoot I wanted the model to look ghostly and surreal, as part of the Underworld, she is a like a beautiful trapped spirit inside the decaying house, never to escape, always walking the corridors, looking for a way out, but trapped there in the Underworld for eternity. 

My favourite shot was Valeria down the corridor, the decay on the walls around her and her ghostlike outfit coming towards the camera, in a deathly broken pose looking at the camera like she could never leave. 

Photographer: Rebecca Bathory

Model: Valeria Kogan

Hair & Makeup: Sally Vinson

Shoes Georgie Bee

Head Band: Liv Free

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