UK Crown Court

Arriving before sunrise, we made our way into this court house, it was interesting getting in when there was just tiny hole to poke through which was 9 ft of the ground, but we managed to get inside, despite a bit of clattering of metal, luckily no body spotted us getting in, it was a different matter getting back out however when half the town were on their way to work, we just exited as quickly as possible and kept our heads down. 

When inside I was was in awe of the building, I had never been inside a court house before and it was interesting to see what it was like, the whole explore we are pretty sure there were homeless people inside, but luckily we just heard them and didn’t see them, most of the time, homeless people I encounter in buildings don’t want to be found, they are probably nervous their home will be discovered and they will be told to not sty there. 

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