UK The Ark

I will never forget this explore, we made our way to this abandoned synagogue on a three day road trip around the UK in summer 2014, we had a great time exploring it during the day and then returned later in the evening after a long day of exploring other places. It saves money and time to sometimes sleep in the locations and this was one of the more luxurious ones and as it turns out, a lot more comfortable then the Travel Lodge we ended up in the day after, who messed up our booking and we ended up in a terrible room with screaming people next to us. 

It was a great evening, we ordered food, drank cider and after barricading ourselves into a small hall, where I made a den, we went to sleep and woke up nice and early for our next day of exploring.
The actual building is a grade 2 listed synagogue which was built around the 1930’s, designed by architect Ernest Alfred Shennana. The jewish community attended for many years, during the war it served as a refugee to those rendered homeless during the blitz, but it closed its doors in 2008 when the community merged to another synagogue. It is built in an art deco design and is very impressive inside, the main ceremony room is huge, towering ceilings like an ark, it seats about 700 people and is illuminated by beautiful light from the huge windows either side. 

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